Sunday, May 24, 2009


On Friday I decided to pull two wasteful hours out of my exciting life to clean the room I share with my sister out. Not knowing where to start from the junk drawer to the junked closet to cluttered window sill we improvise items on, I turned the television on to Comedy Central where a movie called Senior Skip Day was airing. I took off on Tara Reid commenting how her little brother's allegedly delusional actions was " Ferris Bueller's day off." At that point I was sold because I assumed it was actually National Lampoon's Van Wilder Goes to College. It wasn't until the characters gathered into an introduction that I realized it was just as ridiculous.

I believe Gary Lundy had a Jewish accent and if he didn't, in fact, his role was drastically similar to that of Woody Allen's. Fortunately, he didn't source the film its credit so I merit him for not completely duplicating my favorite filmmaker's ways. Speaking to the audience is sketchy in all but at least Woody Allen, and only Allen, has license to that technique.

The characterization was awful and, although it's not necessary, it lacked imagery a great deal. I understand its genre and how the goal of the movie is typically overrated but a little effort to get through any given audience, like any filmmaker would consider, would have been nice. I laughed at the romance like it was satire. It probably was but if it wasn't I still laughed, at it not with it. Such stereotypical portrayal, and I'm not referring to the African-American family.

Aside from their constant asides, the comedy was like any other Comedy Central original. Destitude, predictable, but, above all, a good inside joke to fecklessly laugh at with a given group of friends who were fortunate enough to sustain with unfortunate piece. Not to mention Harry and Barry the Shithouse.