Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Psymun Says

Tangled, effortless, and effective in all, Psymun is the epitome of the future of psychedelic hip hop. He centers his music on nostalgic moods that remind listeners of A Tribe Called Quest and Blu & Exile. "[Below the Heavens] is where I get most of my inspiration and it's my favorite album of all time." he's said. Personally, I'm grateful he's blessed my iPod with such hip hop value. Although he doesn't anticipate the pushy beats handed to radio stations and recycled to the mainstream of the music industry, he's innovative and progressive in his calm ear for music. His beats surmount aggression and the typical riffs heard during urban programs. This young aspirer, originally from St. Paul, Minnesota, now resides in Hudson, Badger-State Wisconsin and is as sturdy as the animal. The glory of his work is owed to his Ableton Live and Korg Ms2000b Synthsizer, where he solely works in his room. Typically, he exerts the time spent on a sitcom or a drama to complete and perfect a beat. He's cautious about his musical labor, and better kept than plagiarized because his manifesting precision is of great quality. His work include unfinishedbusiness602, unfinishedbusiness622, and his creatively tweaked version of "We've Got the Jazz". Although he's solitaire, he's produced for Co$$ and Prof. He turgidly describes his work as "dope." I call them gray with an impact like no other hip hop advancement. He makes tones easy to freestyle to, slow enough to flow to, and soft enough to set the surroundings to. Psymun doesn't have to say anything; however, you would once you open your ears to his instrumentals and versioned covers. As numerous workers in this genre of the industry would say, "he's swaggerific."