Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just To Let The Two Who Are Reading Know

I'm too far from the comfort of my bulky desktop as I am still in my hometown, curing my homesickness. For now I'll be posting something like twitter; following tumblr. Just listen to Little Dragon and feel well informed. Be alright.

Happy to Miriam. fifteen.


Video be so diesel.


"jtrilla" (4:34:21 AM): like it couldnt be that bad where you live, & you not that much of a deviant
"jtrilla" (4:34:31 AM): go find a normal ass nigga
"jtrilla" (4:34:35 AM): lmao im so mean yo
souruss (4:36:11 AM): lmao

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Labor Pains

How stunning for Lohan to donate her talented time and openness to financial success to a film that went straight to a limited television network. She might as well have been occupied for Lifetime. Of all places like IFC and HBO, ABC Family is veritably a modest choice of showbiz. I guess it makes her less of a Hollywood mandarin. We laud Lohan.