Thursday, August 6, 2009

musical movement so stiff

  1. The Bronx
  2. Waxplotation Artists (recommended by adult swim)
  3. Ima Robot
  4. GCH (of course)
  5. The Morning Of
  6. The Falling
  7. CRAFT Club
  8. Hush Hush Commotion (more upbeat and musical)
  9. Chromeo
  10. The Thermals (more grunge-post areno rock)
  11. Brooklynati (very well done but bitten)
  12. WAZ (grey’s anatomy, nuff said)
  13. Sam Sparro
  14. The Mainland (snow patrol meets counting crows)
  15. Diminishing Returns (if you like melacholic noise)

  1. ODDISEE (authentica than a bih, yesuh but a little ‘03)
  2. Count Your Blessings (just another new millenium punk band)
  3. Otenki (“)
  4. The Vegas Report (if you like band of horses)
  5. William Fitzsimmons (if you like jason mraz meets acoustic allthetime)
  6. 3OH!3 (the hellen keller thing wasn’t cool)
  7. Arrica Rose (would sound better over a romantic denouement)
  8. Colour Revolt (great, no question)
  9. NEEDTOBREATHE (just got chills)
  10. Fight Fair (boys like girls)
  11. No Good People (another fuse recipient)
  12. Crown City Rockers (ger-rate, just.. no intro please)
  13. GOOT (so early november, and never attempt a john mayer cover)
  14. Ben Lee (stay on vh1)
  15. 2AM CLUB (i bet they look as good performing)

  1. Kings of Leon (is this a discussion?)
  2. Kanye West
  3. Pillow Theory (if you like thoughtless screamo lyrics..)
  4. Cassie Steele (i don’t believe it)
  5. Nobody (always wanted to blog him but his music’s never up)
  6. Ray Lamontagne
  7. J*Davey (they practically made it)
  8. Behn (really standard but mystic and good)
  9. P.O.D. (sure..)
  10. Fall Short (an old friend of mine, idevenk if they still play)
  11. Sir Michael of the Rocks (cool kid)
  12. HOOL (great folk, i’d dl)
  13. George Tandy Jr. (another bet hit)
  14. Daniel Strider (typical indie-pop)
  15. Array (” but i actually like the riffs a little more)

  1. Ricardo Malone (hardcore french melodrama)
  2. Maveric (i hate when you all talk over the intro)
  3. Jesse Passage (pop-folk needed in a cute sundane short)
  4. Tepr (yesss)
  5. Josh Netsky (poppy ballroom psychedelic.. he’s skrate)
  6. Kelsey and the Chaos! (joan jett)
  7. Hope (is awesome, introduced twice)
  8. RJD2 (already know)
  9. J Songz (grew up with this kid)
  10. Releef (same as fall short)
  11. DOOM (mf)
  12. Wiz Khalifa (listen to take away)
  13. The Boys After (on itunes nowww)
  14. Awkward Silence (pearl jam meets wth is concrete)
  15. YELLE

  1. Lindsay Lohan
  2. Sunday Night Scene (not tsh but he tries)
  3. Amos Lee
  4. Shino (yesuh)
  5. Jose Gonzales
  6. Sneakyness (from da ford so of course i gotta repsent)
  7. Scott Joseph Phares
  8. Amie Miriello (myspace celebrity)
  9. Amel Larrieux
  10. everett thomas (great voice, remember him)
  11. freddy hernandez (great covers)
  12. The Secret Handshake
  13. Nice Guys Finish First (stay on staynow)
  14. Guillermo Sohrya (youtube coverer, sweet ass voice)
  15. Refrag (so much originality)

  1. Samantha Ronson
  2. SHINE (a softer stone temple pilots)
  3. Owner
  4. April Cover (pop-punk, eh..)
  5. Michael Jackson (and all the hype)
  6. Tyler is Tizz (pop-acoustic and all the whining, eh..)
  7. Janelle Monae
  8. French Cowboy (western touch but not western in what is necessary)
  9. Obfusc (well done electro-indie)
  10. Zewdy (she covers well)
  11. Airto (he “)
  12. J.Pinder (a rapper)
  13. Oh, Hush! (only to shop to)
  14. direct connect (idk)
  15. Diddy

  1. GMK (he’s cordial)
  2. Potent Da RockStar (intense)
  3. LiCKS the Super Producer (experimental hip hop)
  4. SFH (hardcore rap producer)
  5. Subliminal Camp (lyrical and progressive hip hop)
  6. Brikkk the Super Natural (went to junior high with this kid)
  7. Raphael Saadiq
  8. Brandon Hines (make you wanna bite your lower lip)
  9. Durand Bernarr
  10. The Energy (sound stereotypical and a little placebo)
  11. King ST (lmao)
  12. Little Dragon
  13. Ryan Sallis (electronic folk, vedie nicee)
  14. Brenda Maclean (effortless but effective)
  15. Bonehead Movement (great viben music and he deserves fame)

  1. Cashmere (got to be g, support her on the serious)
  2. Jonathan Blake (another sundance scene)
  3. Vickey Vandetta (south florida parties to bop to)
  4. Kill Heart Tactic (experimental and trippy rock)
  5. Black Kids
  6. California King (rougher black eyed peas type shit)
  7. JQ (he’s a good sequel)
  8. Julian Wright (he got nothin)
  9. W.I.M. Records (great club music, reggae and rap)
  10. The Sweet Hello (need not punk-sing but they are manlier than most)
  11. James West (french techno)
  12. Mr. Grind (stupid comedy)
  13. sotirous (indie indeed and he won’t cut the bulletins down)
  14. Blake Elizabeth (alanis morissette sounds better)
  15. La Fouine (idk why i like awkward ass french rapping)

  1. Ulrich Music Producer (typical rap beats probably made on garageband)
  2. J Minus (another acoustic montage)
  3. Abuz-Dirtybeatmaker (rap)
  4. buckchild (frenetic rap, love it)
  5. The Fashion (as seen on mtv once)
  6. Scorblaz (now, he just sounds like he’s choking francais)
  7. Jayne Doe (soft and cute over grudge but an exemplification of satire)
  8. First Round Pick (just listen to him cos i always do)
  9. Inglish (cool kid)
  10. Tennille (cool kid)
  11. DJ Lamont (florida rap)
  12. Twinkie (da beatmaker, he throws parties, too)
  13. Westland (love the contrast and his heart but why so pitched?)
  14. Travisty TriPp (so pink floydd)
  15. J Raw (he got nothin)

  1. Fast Music by Deerfield Niggas (fla covers, or sped up, never sount so goo)
  2. The Follow Through (such sweet acoustic punk)
  3. tAzIs$oArnold! (accredited, cool rap)
  4. David Jordan (seal)
  5. No Name (he got nothin)
  6. Joe.Branco (okay it’s just bass and funky drums)
  7. Artificial Glitch (tsh, that doesnt sound familar!)
  8. ONEoak (point-across rapper)
  9. Places (sounds as good as little dragon)
  10. CT (never ct, he wishes)
  11. Represent (i should remove the repetition but the fan albums amuse me)
  12. Alserene (metal alright and they nearly have their own template)
  13. DJ Karizma (smooth hip hop but they talk too much)
  14. FireFliers (expectant electronica)
  15. C.S. (what a cute little boy)

  1. Sierra Alpha (nice foreign disco pop)
  2. Deficit (ambient experimental, highly recommended)
  3. George Kirk (showtime-covered techno, nuff said)
  4. Dade County Radio (self-explanatory)
  5. Pluto Jenkins (poppy electronica with an attitude)
  6. Brandon Black (pitchy american idol auditioner)
  7. Hunter Langston (isn’t he on here?)
  8. Tomorrow (new soul meets alternative but never badu)
  9. H*Wood the Heart Throb (techno rapper)
  10. Glass America (they got nothin)
  11. The Day Of (sounds like the goo goo dolls)
  12. Dan Talevski (he sounds nice.. good.. alright..)
  13. DJ Mad (ecstacy techno)
  14. Stuart Webb (asher roth)
  15. Sidney (little girl tyna make it)
  16. Showy Vega (fab techno)

  1. Wisla (impressive and agressive french)
  2. Premium (calm french hip hop)
  3. The Title (electro pop so optimistic)
  4. Asher Roth
  5. Gigi Fouquet (upbeat pop-folk)
  6. Retro Ignite (pop-rock s)
  7. DJ Joker (good friend, support)
  8. Good Old War (chipper folk)
  9. I Got$ Ca$h Moneyz (hardcore-electronica)
  10. The Fastest Kid Alive (pop-rock, you all just vary it up, dontchya)
  11. The SEVENth (hip electronica)
  12. Brad Doggett (does great acoustic covers of r&b)
  13. Learn to Swim (pop-punk but at least they’re progressive)
  14. Clarity (now FIND VIENNA and they’re pretty damn alright for soft rock)
  15. Evinreud (poppish hardcore)

  1. Jack Splash (funky and accomplished r&b)
  2. Keysha Jordan (well, show us what ya got)
  3. Psymun (hip hop yessir)
  4. Killa Black (french hip-pop)
  5. digital underground
  6. AtomtA (grunge, noise, and early punk)
  7. Nouveaux Son (slow french hip hop)
  8. Scarlett Johansson & Pete Yorn
  9. Bleszt (electro club hip hop)
  10. Orchestra Green (pop punk but they sound different)
  11. Earthtone (with brad dogget, acoustic rap, son)
  12. Driven Records (pop-punk on the skirts on whinging screamo)
  13. PT.V (urban request station)
  14. B.B.G, BIGG HOMMIE UNK AKA RUGA REDD (love me some hardcore rap.. but this is a negative)
  15. Young Merch (psychedelic hip hop)

  1. Suave the Ape (original hip hop meets rap ohso niceee)
  2. Soljah Entertainment (rap in its quintessence)
  3. Fast Music by Alex (southern rap)
  4. Justice (chill rapper who beats just right)
  5. Deer Run Productionz (redo of numerous rap songs, catchy..)
  6. Kristen Williams (female electro pop)
  7. My Burgunfy Waltz (folk tunes)
  8. BBNR! (hardcore hyphy meets pop-rock)
  9. Blaspheme95sous (french)
  10. Ameritz (got nothin)
  11. Ching (typical rap)
  12. Anorpha (they got nothin)
  13. MoneyFirst (such gangstas, oo!)
  14. Autumn (hardcore pop-punk, actually alright)
  15. Doni Donzo (upbeat french rap)

  1. The Whisper Effect (they look like douches and this gets annoying)
  2. Needless to Say (just got off warped, julia’s voice is awesome)
  3. Lonley London Lad (trippy ambient grunge)
  4. Dru (brooklyn hip hop aspirer)
  5. Official Rated-R Music (quiet rapper)
  6. smirp (they got nothin)
  7. Wilsonman (he tried on the autotoning.. tired, i like the storytelling doe)
  8. EKlips (french rap so typical)
  9. B@by Zoe (love ze southern rap)
  10. Triple Zut (french hardcore rap and he speaks a bit of english, too!)
  11. Papy-J (french rap better than the aforesaid)
  12. Burn Down the Mission (r&b? great heart but pop.. boo)
  13. G.Black (french gets tired)
  14. Curusbrigan Te (francais francias)
  15. Lady Tru from Got Bully? (cashmere’s group)
  16. Got Bully? (i love cashmere)
  17. The Spin Room (pop-punk, stop spreading my myspace)