Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why I'm Not Tycho Brahe

After watching Deja Vu, I have a different mindset about the "seen again" or maybe my mind is too mundane for the scientific base of the movie. I wonder who the film was referring to in the very beginning when Doug Carlin discovered the wrung towels and bloodstained cloths about Claire Kuchever's house. Assuming he knew his alibi before the tragic event he was investigating, I wonder who was the being who actually provoked Claire Kuchever to interrupt her friend, Beth, during the message. I'm also inquisitive about the existence of two of the same people in two different dimensions. What were his whereabouts during the travel through time? Nonexistent? Was he formulating the future he was initially investigating when the FBI sent him there? What happened to the assignment so that Doug failed and the boat blew up? Who brought him back as the detective who was frazzled by it all?

I conclude that there were three detective Doug Carlins-- the one who attempted to save her (beginning the entire experienced situation that probably aborted and randomly sent him back with the help of the tampering, scientific, FBI team), the one who was introduced to the case (thereafter attempting to save her again when he learned the scenario, discovering he was repeating his former, primary actions before passing away during the quest.. and then, again, if the team had been tampering with his actions those four days ago, Claire's house mess wouldn't have remained), and the one who was introduced, at last (which seems impossible since a nonexistent being can't reappear, especially since we followed him throughout the entire mission.. unless the FBI tampered with his four days ago, once more), experiencing the déjà vu with Claire who experienced it, as well.

Or maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about. Why hadn't she been ghost-struck?